Fostering spiritual change, social empowerment, and economic production.

Safe Place

Currently, our ministry partner Youth Impact operates three ministry arms where young people are sheltered, fed, mentored, and receive guidance and education support.


Through examples of the lives of our ministry partners and their guidance and mentoring, we trust that each young person we come in contact with will find faith in his Creator.


Young people receive the opportunity to continue their education and develop vocational skills that will make them productive and employable in the job market.


The purpose of the Impact library is to encourage reading habits among the poor youth and to inspire excellence in their schoolwork.

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Latest Stories

Update: JUNE 2020

Update: JUNE 2020

NEWS FROM ETHIOPIAN IMPACT - COVID-19 UPDATE from Youth Impact Hiwotu reports: The situation in Ethiopia is no different than in mostother countries. So far, there are more than 120 confirmed cases ofCoronavirus, and people are fearful. Following the government’s...

Update: September 29, 2019

Update: September 29, 2019

Youth Impact Update from Hiwotu Emama Tsige: 20 years of dedicated service  She walked a kilometer in the dark each morning, leaving her house at 5:30 a.m., in order to catch a bus on one of the most crowded roads in Addis Ababa, where the bus lines could mean...